Acting Resume

The Expecting                                  Starring  
Weed & Greed                                  Starring  
Calls From Zornakoff                      Featured        
Side Effects                                       Starring      
A Soldier's Duty                                Starring      
Shuffle                                              Featured        
Hellbenders Contest                          Starring        
When Sara Meets Lucy                     Starring        
Compton 902911 Project                  Featured       
Between 7&8                                     Starring          
Caged Hearts                                    Featured       
Planet Rehab                   British News Caster 
THEATER: (Partial List)

The Vagina Monologues                 The Flood    
Proof                                                Catherine        
Miss Julie                                        Miss Julie       
Twelfth Night                                        Olivia           
The Crucible                         Abigail Williams 
TRAINING: (Partial List)
Sketchy People                Improv (TEACHER)    
Improv Olympic West                        IIO West
Groundlings                                Improvisation
L.A Connection                          Improvisation
Anita Jesse                                    Scene Study
USC School of Theater                             USC
Red Bank Regional          Performing Arts H.S.
Actor's Training Institute    Meisner & Method


Writer/Exec. Producer/Director/Edit
"WEED & GREED" - Short Film                   2016

"THE LOVE BEACON" - Indiegogo             2015

"EVO ROOM" - Kickstarter                           2015 

Writer (Supervising)
"BOOM MOBILE" - Short Film                    2014

Writer/Exec. Producer/Director/Art Dept.     

“SIDE EFFECTS” - Short Film                      2013


“CALLS FROM ZORNAKOFF”- 48hr Film Project

“A SOLDIER’S DUTY” - Short Film            2012

Wardrobe/Art Dept./Sound/Assoc. Producer       
“BACK TO LIFE” - Short Film                      2012

Production Assistant           
“DISNEY ON ICE" - Commercial                 2011

Boom Operator/Grip/PA
“VISITORSINSURANCE.COM”- Commercial                                                                                2011
Boom Operator/PA

Writer/Producer/Editor/Story Board/Art Director
“PLANET REHAB” - Cartoon              2008-2009

“DIRTY D.A.” - Short Film                           2008        
“I WANT OUT” - Short Film                         2008

“WHEN SARA MET LUCY”  -Short Film           
Set Design/Props/PA
“BETWEEN 7&8”  - Short Film                    2000
Set Building/Props          
“DANGEROUS LIASONS”  -USC Theater Prod.       


 What We Are

"Fascinating Talks"
            with Dave Kehnast

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J.C.M. Productions, Inc.

You’re in Luck: We’re Small


When you pay a big company, you’re paying for expensive advertising, salaries, commissions, etc. When you hire us, you save! We’re paid per project, so there are no salaries or commissions, and advertising? We do our own, which must be pretty good, since you found us.

Production Resume


J.C.M.  Productions,  Inc.  is  an  Artistic  Production  Company  owned  and  founded  by  Giovanna  Maimone  that  was  established  in  2007.  It  strives  to  entertain  and  inspire  people  through  making  the  best  movies, short films,  T.V. shows,  cartoons,  music  videos,  documentaries,  educational  videos,  theater  productions;  and  honestly,  almost  any  artistic creation...given  that  Giovanna  sees  it's  potential;  extra  special  if  it  can  be  helpful   to  humanity  and  to  our  Earth.  J.C.M. Productions,  Inc  aspires  to  help  many,  especially  our  youth. 

This  company  was  named  in  memory  of  Giovanna's  father;  Giovanni  (John)  Carmelo  Maimone.  4/1/46 - 8/4/04

Donations  and  investors  are  always  considered  for  our  many  ongoing  projects,  so  feel  free  to  contact  us  if  you have  any  interest  in  doing  either  or  both.  Thank  you.

A one- stop production shop when it comes to entertainment and creativity

Who We ARE

Owner  and  President,  Giovanna  Maimone,  was  born  in  Little  Silver,  New  Jersey  and  knew  from  the  age  of  ten  she  wanted  to  be  in  entertainment.  She  began  studying  acting,  then  attended  a  performing  arts  high  school, and  went  on  to  be  a  theater  major  at  The  University  of  Southern  California  School  of Theater  with  a  BA. She  just  kept  going  with  film;  writing,  directing, producing,  taking  on  other  roles such  as;  assistant  director,  production manager,  production assistant, art department,  wardrobe,  props,  set  design, boom operator,  grip, behind the scene stills and video, and  any  and  everything  that needed  assisting  with  for  the completion  of a  production. She  has  now  added  editing  to  her  many  talents  in  film  making.

Giovanna  considers  herself  a  well  rounded  artist  because  she  also  plays  acoustic  guitar,  percussion;  bongos  and  djembe,  paints  in  all  mediums  and  draws.  She  looks  forward  to  the  many  years  of  success  with   J.C.M.  Productions,  Inc.  and  is  anxious  to  share  her  creativity  with  the  world!    She  currently  resides  in  beautiful North  County San  Diego  and  operates  out  of  there,  as  well  as  Los  Angeles.

Published Articles:

Giovanna wrote a monthly Spiritual Column in Motovaded Magazine from July 2014 - March 2016 called "I Don't Need Coffee to Wake Up."