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NEW 8 Week Intensive starting in Feb/March 2020. Wednesday nights from 7-9:30pm in Encinitas. Please fill out contact form for more information.


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Why is Improv important in my work and in life?

Improvisation is an essential skill to have if you deal with people, customer service, and/or sales on a regular basis. It has proven to increase connection with not only the other people and employees, but with patrons as well. You will learn the craft of communicating authentically along with having fun and laughing so hard, you will sleep better! "Getchur inner child on and sleep like a baby!" It also reduces anxiety and stress and allows a safe place for adults to have play time again. “Isn’t it time we all start playing again?”

Check out this 1 minute video for a peak at all the fun!

What is Improv?

Improvisation is a technique of performance based speech that creates scenes made up on the spot through suggestions from classmates; while creating moments of “being in the now” and “yes, and”. Being in the now teaches how to listen better and stop being in our heads, especially when conversing with other people. Yes, and just means that you agree with whatever suggestion or label is given to you and you add information to enhance the suggestion. This also helps you to be present. The values of these can only be measured through experiencing it firsthand. The results are immediate, and you will feel completely engaged in a way you never experienced before.

Improvisation and Kids...

Improvisation helps boost self-esteem and is an excellent way to allow children to tap deeper into their imagination and create whatever they want, and execute it.  Furthermore, improvisation has a lot of ‘give and take’, teaching them to have patience and respect for others by LISTENING and sharing their time on the stage with others, while having fun! It also releases  stress  and  allows  them  to  express  themselves  and  get  their  emotions  out.  Stress  release  has  been  proven  to  assist  in  a  clear  and  healthy  mind;  which  is  essential  for  a  child's  learning and wellbeing.

Improvisation and Small Business...

Don’t get tied up in day to day mundane tasks. Improvisation is a great break in your day at the office. This has been known to cause laughter and enjoyment in the workplace and has brought employees closer together. It is the new happy hour after work ;)

Improvisation and Catering/Hotel staff…

The hospitality business has gained huge benefits from their staff participating in the skill of improv. Improvisation will assist the staff in their abilities to converse with guests in a more personal, genuine, and lighthearted way providing a more enjoyable experience for the patron while delivering even more exceptional customer service.

Improvisation and Sales Training…

Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars bringing in a sales coach or registering for impersonal online courses when you can have a TON of fun with your colleagues while learning the skills of improvisation! Improv will boost productivity and sales by forming your sales team into a customer magnet with a new approach on being present, in the now. Who doesn’t like people persons? Someone they can trust. Learning the skill of improv will teach your sales team to engage in their customers in a way that no other training will provide.

Improv Night EVERY Monday at Eve Encinitas!
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